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Is your pet showing signs of stress? Is your cat showing agressive behaviour; spraying or reluctant to play? Overgrooming? Is your dog alert and restless, destructive, howling? Showing agressive behavior?

Recently we have seen a number of pets stressed out due to many different reasons, some because of the recent lockdown, animals can tell when owners are stressed or anxious, and some have become stressed as they are not used to their owners always being at home.

Here at the Grove vets we offer Yumove, you may already be familiar with this.

The articles linked below have been created by YUMOVE to offer advice on what to do.

Life threatening emergencies:

Shock, choking, breathing issues, profuse bleeding, bloat, open fractures, penetrating injuries, prolonged seizures, allergic reactions, heatstroke, poisoning, ongoing vomiting/diarrhea, straining to pass urine with no output.

Issues that can become emergencies:

Skin/eye/ear problems


Genral sickness

Anal glands that are becoming a welfare issue

Claws that need urgently clipping, that cannot be done at home

Non-urgent appointments:

Overdue booster vaccinations

First and second vaccinations

Any questions or concerns that cannot be answered over the phone/email.

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