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Did you know we sell dog and cat food?

Veterinary HPM is a new generation of food, specifically developed to provide the closest match to the nutritional needs of your pet.


In the wild, the natural your pets natural diet would be high in protein - and low in carbohydrate yet most foods ignore this simple fact and contain excessive quantities of carbohydrates such as cereals and starch. Veterinary HPM has one of the highest levels of animal protein content of any dog food on the market and is formulated without maize, wheat or gluten. Compared to the average dog food it contains 30% more protein and 40% less carbs!


  • Body weight and body composition control

  • Dental / tartar protection

  • Joint and muscle support

  • High digestive tolerance

  • Skin and coat support

  • Low- allergen formulation

  • Urinary health

  • Low glycaemic index

  • Helps to maintain renal function

  • Immune support

What's more if your pet doesn't eat it, a full replacement or refund will be given.

Just pop into the practice to grab your first bag!

We recommend introducing Veterinary HPM gradually over 5-7 days

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