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Covid-19 update

We want to update our clients on the current coronavirus situation, and what to do if you are coming for an appointment or to collect medication.

The door to the practice is currently still locked. This is to control and limit the amount of people in the building at one time.

When you arrive for an appointment PLEASE do the following:

- CALL the practice to inform us of your arrival, if you do not do this we will not know that you have arrived and you may miss your appointment time.

- The phone lines may be busy but please keep trying.

- Please DO NOT knock on the door.

- Once you have informed us of your arrival you will wait outside until the vet calls you in.

- You may wait in reception while the vet sees your animal ONLY if you are wearing a facemask.

- PLEASE try to bring only one person per animal to appointments.

When you arrive to collect medication and/or flea and worming treatment:

-PLEASE make sure you pre-order the medication at least 24 hours before.

- CALL the practice to let us know you are outside and we will bring the medication out to you.

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